Finding careers in water

California’s history and future is defined by the access to water. Most of the Gold Rush pioneers arrived by the sea, including African-American settlers. Much of the state depends of the movement of water through huge water systems for irrigation and drinking water. Last year, the state’s voters approved a large bond measure to increase […]

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3.8 million new jobs in health care

The BLS projects the health care industry, in response to a spike in the elderly population, will create 3.2 million new jobs between 2008 and 2018. Nearly 105,600 dental assistants will be hired over the decade, joining medical and health services managers (45,400 new jobs) and medical and health information technicians (35,100 new jobs) as […]

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New speaker series with Bridges2Biotech

Carol Massey, chief administrative officer of emergency medicine at UC-San Francisco/San Francisco General Hospital, will be the initial guest speaker during the Potrero Progress/Bridges2Biotech Biotech Brunches on Saturday, Oct. 16 at the southeast campus of City College of San Francisco, 1800 Oakdale, in room 413 at 11 a.m. The event is a satellite event of […]

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Who needs Angelina Jolie?

Although the advertisements for a new movie ask “Who is Salt?”, Potrero Progress investigators learned from a real-life action hero, “What is Salt?” Dr. Lisa White, professor of geosciences and associate dean of engineering and science at San Francisco State University, studies siliceous rocks from the Miocene epoch between 25 and 5 million years old […]

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